Thank you to all the Attendees, Donors, Sponsors, & Volunteers of the CHH Trivia Nights!
This year's Trivia Night may have been nearly the BEST CHH Trivia Night! Attendance was close to our greatest attendance year in 2015. Money raised though surpassed our highest raised year (previously 2015) by $174.46! The 2017 CHH Trivia Night raised a total of $2,883.40 (total after expenses)!
Thank you all that made this year's CHH Trivia Night such a great one!

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CHH Trivia Night 2010-2016

...for our 2017 CHH Trivia Night...
Art's Lawn Mower Shop, Inc.
        Culver's (Florissant Location)        David & Lauren Goodman
John & Christine Palliser w/JCP Solutions LLC        Tom & Linda Kaemming
Kathy Labbez        Tim Metzger        Olive Garden (Bridgeton Location)
Outback Steakhouse (Hazelwood Location)        Tina Sweet        Schlafly Beer
Six Flags St. Louis        Swing-a-Round Fun Town (Fenton Location)        Nate Wisdom see a listing of all our sponsors, please see the Sponsors link at the left side of the page.

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