About Us & Our Volunteers

Late 2009, Camp Hickory Hill (CHH) was having some financial difficulties and needed money raised to be able to run camp over the summer of 2010. This news spread quickly among past and current attendees of the camp. To help CHH, many fundraisers were formed including the 1st CHH Trivia Night held on April 9, 2010 at Church of The Master in Florissant, MO. Thanks to the organization efforts of Lauren Kaemming and Christine Palliser (Registration, Prizes, Publicity), Dan "Muddy" Barks (Trivia), Chris Stanley (Judging), Christine Clinko, and about 5 other volunteers the trivia night was successful raising just over $600 for CHH!

Since that 1st year, the CHH Trivia Night has gone thru many changes including location, volunteers, etc... Each year with help from as few as about 6 up to close to 15 volunteers, the CHH Trivia Night continues to take place the 1st Saturday of March! Over the years, the event has had it's growing pains, but continued to be a success. The 2015 CHH Trivia Night, brought in it's largest attendance number and great amount of money raised (about $2.75K). Thanks to the hard work of some of it's volunteers and the loyalty of many trivia night attendees!

Volunteers from the 1st Annual CHH Trivia Night 4/9/2010
(Above Left to Right: Chris, Christine, Lauren, Tom, Mark, Dan, & Laura)

A Special Thanks to the following Loyal Volunteers!

Lauren (Kaemming) Goodman
Event Chair
Volunteer for 8 years
Christine Palliser
Silent Auction Coordinator
Volunteer for 8 years
Christopher Stanley
Trivia Coordinator
Volunteer for 8 years

Jon Mills
Volunteer for 5 years
Michele Mills

Volunteer for 4 years
David Goodman
Assistant Event Coordinator
Volunteer for 5 years